Our Team

Principal Investigator

Signy Sheldon.jpg

Dr. Signy Sheldon

assistant professor

Department of Psychology, McGill University

Canada Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory

2014 Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care, Toronto, ON, Canada
2011 Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Division of Neurosurgery, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, ON, Canada
2011 Ph.D., Psychology, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada
2006 M.A., University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada

Graduate Students

Sarah Peters.jpg

Sarah Peters

ph.d student in clinical psychology


I am currently looking at the neuropsychological factors contributing to how individuals solve problems in the real world. I am particularly interested in how hippocampus-dependent memory processes relate to problem solving ability in normal aging and aging-related memory disorders.

Lauri Gurguryan.jpg

Lauri Gurguryan

M.A. Student in Exp. Psychology


I am currently looking at the cognitive and neural mechanisms that support different ways of remembering, focusing on the structures in the medial temporal lobe. I am also interested in how spatial information can alter the way we perceive and remember. 


Rebecca Scheurich

Ph.D. Student Collaborator, supervised by dr. caroline palmer 


I am currently collaborating on a project with Dr. Signy Sheldon and Dr. Caroline Palmer that investigates how individual differences influence sensory details recalled from complex events. Specifically, we are interested in how the types of sensory details recalled change with changes in imagery ability and musical training.

undergraduate students

Stephanie Simpson.jpg

Stephanie Simpson

I am an Honours undergraduate student interested in studying the interaction between emotion and memory in autobiographical memory and understanding the underlying computations of this interaction.

Caterina Agostino.jpg

Caterina Agostino

I am an Honours student interested in studying the influence of affect on memory formation and how this affects subsequent memory recall, as revealed by monitored eye-movements. 

Can Fenerci.jpg

can fenerci

I am a research assistant in the lab. I am primarily interested in the link between memory and social functions and learning about how this link is supported by the brain. To do so, I use brain stimulation techniques.

Lisa Marie Giorgio.JPG

Lisa-Marie Giorgio

I am an Honours undergraduate student investigating the relationship between episodic memory and empathy. 

judy fung

I am an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology. I'm interested in how we mentally navigate familiar routes and subsequently remember them.


Yass salehi

I am currently completing an independent research project after having recently finished my B.Sc. in psychology. My research investigates the role of musical expertise in the recollection of sensory details from complex events

Elizabeth Dutemple.jpg

elizabeth dutemple

I am an undergraduate Psychology student volunteering in the lab. I am interested in how autobiographical memory functions and what can impact it.

gabrielle pochiet

I’m an undergraduate student in Psychology, working on a project investigating autobiographical memory in aging.


Batu Kaya.jpeg

batu kaya

I am an undergraduate Cognitive Psychology and Anthropology student. My research interests include the investigation of multimodal sensory processes of memory and individual differences in remembering and imagination.

Brenna Hello

I am a 3rd year undergraduate student, majoring in Psychology. My research interests lie in looking at emotion and memory, as well as the factors that affect how we recall our autobiographical memories.

Oliwia Zaborowska.jpg

oliwia zaborowska

I am a Graduate Research Trainee majoring in Clinical neuropsychology. In my research, I try to determine how different factors such as emotion and stress can affect memory performance.


kelly cool

I am an undergraduate Psychology student, interested in the individual differences in imagery. I'm running a study investigating how imagery capabilities support the mental construction of scenes and events.

willem le duc

I am completing my undergraduate degree in Psychology. I am interested in how memories are formed and how they can be changed. I’m currently examining some key differences between the anterior and posterior portions of the hippocampus. 

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This could be you!

Idil Uner.jpg

Idil Uner

I am a third year undergraduate Psychology student. My interest areas include spatial and temporal processing of autobiographical memories as well as episodic memory biases in clinical decision-making.


Clara dutton-kneaves

My research interests include the mechanisms involved in and function of detailed remembering and forgetting.



  • Sonja Chu
  • Carina Fan
  • Shannon Riley
  • Jennifer Panitz
  • Sharif Ahmed
  • Nadim El-Asmar
  • Alexa Ruel
  • Julia Donahue
  • Kiran Arif
  • Ariella Lenton-Brym  
  • Janice Kim