Do you want to participate in research?

To participate in one of our studies, please email our lab email (below). We are recruiting both younger and older adults.

We are particularly interested in testing the following groups:


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People with an exceptional memory

  • Do you remember events better than most people you know?  
  • Can you remember specific details of events from a long time ago?
    • e.g., you know what you were wearing to a party last year or the day of the week that a dinner was on from 5 years ago.
  • Are events that happened a long time ago still ‘fresh’ in your mind?


People who have problems with your memory

  • Do you have trouble remembering things that happened more than your peers?  
  • Do you often forget things like where you parked your car or what you ate for breakfast? 
  • Do you have a hard time picturing past events in your mind? 
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