November 2017: Now that the seasons are changing, our lab have been wondering how we estimate time? While some research has looked at how time is estimated on shorter scales, we want to know what factors can influence how fast we experience time moving. Some of our hypotheses we are working will are about the details that are contained in our experiences - our ability to recall details from the past will influence how fast we think that event occurred. 


Sept 2017: With the start of a new term, our lab is starting some exciting new projects! Some of these projects are investigating the mechanisms that differentiate healthy from unhealthy cognitive aging. Specifically, we are designing experiments to test if there are certain forms of memory retrieval that can be used to detect older adults that are risk for developing dementia. 


July 2017: Many of us in the lab have been interested in the role of emotion on memory. Emotion is not one 'thing' - we can think of it as both valence (positive and negative) and arousal. How do these two aspects of emotion affect our ability to recall details from the past?